SaphyGATE GN by Bertin Technologies

Manufacturer Bertin Technologies  |  Available Worldwide
Special Nuclear Material Portal Monitor

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The SaphyGATE GN is a new-generation portal monitor capable of detecting Gamma-Neutron radiations from a radioactive material without using Helium-3 detectors.
The SaphyGate GN offers border control and access control in sensitive sites: it secures gates at customs, harbors, airports, and any sensitive sites, avoiding illicit movements of radioactive material.

The Neutron detection capability allows to detect of SNM (Special Nuclear Material), which may enter into the production process of dirty bombs or RDD (radiation dispersion devices). Its technology, based on plastic scintillators coupled with photomultipliers and in line with international standards, has proven its potential to meet the challenge of high performances while providing highly effective neutron-gamma discrimination.