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The Refeyn SamuxMP is a mass photometer optimised for adeno-associated virus (AAV) characterisation and is an essential analytical tool for laboratories working with AAVs. The SamuxMP precisely measures the empty/full capsid ratio for AAVs of any serotype. SamuxMP mass photometry measurements are rapid and require very little sample.
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SamuxMP: A mass photometer for transformative AAV analytics

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The Refeyn SamuxMP is a mass photometer that is tailor-made for the needs of AAV development and quality control. It can clearly resolve the difference between empty and loaded AAV capsids, providing a precise measurement of the empty/full capsid ratio of an AAV sample in just minutes with very little sample. It can also reveal the presence of unwanted species, such as partially filled capsids, overfilled capsids or aggregates.

The SamuxMP fits on a laboratory benchtop and can be operated easily by a user with basic lab skills. It requires very little sample and works fast. A single measurement – including data analysis – can be completed in under five minutes. Designed for easy decontamination and to prevent liquids from entering the machine, the SamuxMP is well suited for work with AAVs.

What the SamuxMP offers:

1) Quantitative characterisation of AAV samples

  • Empty/full capsid ratio measurement
  • Serotype-independent analysis

2) Rapid analysis requiring little sample

  • Less than 5 minutes to obtain result
  • Very low operating costs
  • Minimal sample preparation needed

3) User-friendly operation

  • Benchtop instrument
  • Software customised for AAV analysis
  • An instrument designed for working with AAVs
  • Easy decontamination

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Manufacturer Refeyn  |  Available Worldwide

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