rhAmpSeq Library Kit by Integrated DNA Technologies Inc.

Manufacturer Integrated DNA Technologies Inc.  |   Model: 10000064
Prepare amplicon sequencing libraries quickly and cost-effectively

rhAmpSeq Library Kit by Integrated DNA Technologies Inc. product image
rhAmpSeq Library Kit
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Use the rhAmpSeq Library Kit with rhAmpSeq panels and rhAmpSeq Index Primers to quickly prepare amplicon libraries for sequencing on Illumina platforms. Our proprietary rhAmp PCR technology enables a simple, elegant workflow with only 2 PCR master mixes for optimum specificity and high multiplex amplification capability.

Rapidly generate sequencing-ready amplicon libraries, even from difficult sample types or low-input DNA amounts, with this efficient 2-mix system

Obtain robust, uniform amplification across thousands of target sites with a single panel

Study larger sample sizes with a more economical solution