Reaction Calorimetry by Mettler-Toledo GmbH

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Reaction calorimetry from screening to production

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Reaction Calorimetry
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RC1, EasyMax, and OptiMax Reaction calorimeters uncover potential safety issues or non-scalable conditions and provide process information under process-like conditions using real time heat flow or heat flux calorimetry. Investigating a chemical process under realistic conditions provides all the detailed data needed to evaluate the thermal risk. Convert the data obtained automatically and effortlessly into relevant process safety information. The resulting numerical information combined with a “SafetyRunaway Graph” and a “Criticality Graph” facilitates the assessment of cooling failure scenarios and the design of safe chemical processes.

Use reaction calorimeters to determine:
  • Heat Profiles
  • Chemical Conversion
  • Specific Heat
  • Reaction Enthalpy
  • Thermal Risks