Rat Cytokine Array C1 by RayBiotech Inc.

Manufacturer RayBiotech Inc.  |   Model: AAR-CYT-1-2
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RayBio ® C-Series Rat Cytokine Antibody Array 1 Kit. Detects 19 Rat Cytokines. Suitable for all liquid sample types.  

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Rat Cytokine Array C1

Average Rating: 5.0
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5 out of 5
Ease of use
5 out of 5
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  • Status:

  • Member since: 2017

  • Organization: USDA Human Nutrition Research Center at Tufts University

  • Ease of use
    5 out of 5
    After sales service
    5 out of 5
    Value for money
    5 out of 5
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Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: analyze cytokines in culture supernatant

"Product was effective; we achieved what appeared to be high quality results. It was easy to use; we did not require after-sales care; it was reasonably priced."

Review date: 18 Jul 2017 | Rat Cytokine Array C1

Product Features:

  • Easy to use
  • No specialized equipment needed
  • Compatible with nearly any liquid sample
  • Proven technology (many publications)
  • Highly sensitive (pg/ml)
  • Sandwich ELISA specificity
  • Higher density than ELISA, Western blot or bead-based multiplex

Target Names:

CINC-2, CINC-3, CNTF, Fractalkine, (CX3CL1), GM-CSF, IFN-gamma, IL-1 alpha, (IL-1 F1), IL-1 beta, (IL-1 F2), IL-4, IL-6 ,IL-10, LIX, Leptin, MCP-1, (CCL2), MIP-3 alpha, (CCL20), beta-NGF, TIMP-1, TNF alpha, VEGF-A

Species Detected: Rat

Suggested Application: Multiplexed Protein Detection; Detection of Relative Protein Expression; Detecting Patterns of Cytokine Expression; Biomarker/ Key Factor Screening; Identifying Key Factors; Confirming a Biological Process

Kit Components:

  • Rat Cytokine Antibody Array C1 Membranes
  • Blocking Buffer
  • Wash Buffer 1
  • Wash Buffer 2
  • Biotinylated Detection Antibody Cocktail
  • Streptavidin-Conjugated HRP
  • Detection Buffer C
  • Detection Buffer D
  • Lysis Buffer
  • 8-Well Incubation Tray
  • Plastic Sheets
  • Array Templates
  • Manual

Other Materials Required:

  • Pipettors, pipet tips and other common lab consumables
  • Orbital shaker or oscillating rocker
  • Tissue Paper, blotting paper or chromatography paper
  • Adhesive tape or Saran Wrap
  • Distilled or de-ionized water
  • A chemiluminescent blot documentation system (such as UVP's ChemiDoc-It® or EpiChem II Benchtop Darkroom), X-ray Film and a suitable film processor, or another chemiluminescent detection system.

Protocol Outline:

  1. Block membranes
  2. Incubate with Sample
  3. Incubate with Biotinylated Detection Antibody Cocktail
  4. Incubate with HRP-Conjugated Streptavidin
  5. Incubate with Detection Buffers
  6. Image with chemiluminescent imaging system
  7. Perform densitometry and analysis

Storage/Stability: For best results, store the entire kit frozen at -20°C upon arrival. Stored frozen, the kit will be stable for at least 6 months which is the duration of the product warranty period. Once thawed, store array membranes and 1X Blocking Buffer at -20°C and all other reagents undiluted at 4°C for no more than 3 months.

Number of Targets Detected: 19

Usage: This product is furnished for LABORATORY RESEARCH USE ONLY. Not for diagnostic or therapeutic use.