Rapid Visco Analyser by PerkinElmer, Inc.

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RVA - Ingredient Performance Analyzer

Rapid Visco Analyser by PerkinElmer, Inc.  product image
Rapid Visco Analyser

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  • Ease of use
    5 out of 5
    After sales service
    4 out of 5
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It is really great and every food technologist must have this in their lab.
Rating: 4.7

  • Application Area: Analyze the pasting properties of Starch

"It is an amazing instrument. It conducts the experiment with simplicity. The sample size is very small. The results are quite reproducible and precise. The software is very user friendly and conducts experiments as per standard protocol as well as the users' created protocol."

Review date: 11 Jun 2020 | Rapid Visco Analyser

The Rapid Visco Analyser is a unique tool for product development, quality and process control and quality assurance. It's a cooking, stirring viscometer with ramped temperature and variable shear capability optimized for testing the viscous properties of starch, grain, dairy products and other foods. The instrument will analyze as little as two or three grams of sample using international standard methods or your own tailor-made test routines of mixing, measuring, heating and cooling.

The RVA is a unique tool for product development, quality and process control and quality assurance.

  • Rapid Viscosity Profile: Standard starch pasting test in 13 minutes.
  • Easy to Use: Automated operation minimizes training and ensures reliability.
  • Relevant: Tailor test routines to emulate processing conditions in industry.
  • Calibration: Check with traceable standards to comply with ISO9000 and Quality System requirements.
  • Glass-free: Safe for food manufacturing areas.


Starches and starchy samples - Standard and custom starch pasting tests for native starches of grains, roots, tubers and others. Custom high shear and extended temperature tests to monitor the production and end quality of modified starches for food, pharmaceutical, feed and industrial applications.

Milling and Baking - Grain soundness and bug damage, starch pasting quality for cakes, breads, batters, pasta and noodles, flour amylase, malt amylase, fungal amylase, antistaling, heat treatment of flour, wheat gluten quality and solvent retention capacity test.

Malting and Brewing - Predicting safe storage life for malting barley, rapid recording mashing system (and the effect of adding enzymes, adjuncts and chemicals to malts), monitoring the progression of malting, predicting barley malting quality and simulated industrial mashing process.

Formulated foods - Viscosity profile of products (premixes & ready to use) such as sauce, ketchup, gravy, dressing, mayonnaise, soup and other low viscosity foods formulated with starches, hydrocolloids & proteins. Melt tests such as chocolate and confectionery and "Miniature Pilot Plant" small scale emulation of manufacturing conditions.

Extruded and Cooked Foods - Starch transformation ("Degree of Cook") of ready to eat breakfast cereals, snack foods, pet foods, aqua feeds and animal feeds at preconditioner, extruder and finished product stages.

Dairy - Process cheese manufacture and melting profile, effect of drying temperature on milk protein powders, rennet caseinate rehydration, dairy beverages, custard, age thickening of sweetened condensed milk and "Miniature Pilot Plant" small scale manufacture of yogurt, ice cream mix and dairy desserts.

Ingredients - Viscosity development of proteins such as soy products, milk proteins, gluten, gelatin and egg whites. Hydration performance and gelling/thickening profile of a system during cooling to fingerprint hydrocolloid behaviour. Precise sample preparation for other types of rheological assessment.

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Rapid Visco Analyser by PerkinElmer, Inc.  product image

Rapid Visco Analyser

Manufacturer PerkinElmer, Inc.   |  Available Worldwide

4.7 / 5.0 | 1 reviews