Q-Sense E1 by Biolin Scientific

Manufacturer Biolin Scientific  |   Model: QSE003  |  Available Worldwide
Q-Sense E1 is a flexible, single-sensor microbalance system that enables accurate QCM-D measurements of real-time molecular interactions.

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Q-Sense E1

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  • Tracking changes at the surface with nanogram sensitivity. Measuring mass changes, structural and viscoelastic properties helps you distinguish between two similar binding events or observe a phase transition or reconfiguration in bound layers.
  • Real-time analysis. Up to 200 data points per second to follow the complete molecular interaction, step-by-step.
  • Flexible choice of surface. Sensors and coatings include metals, metal oxides, polymers, lipids and reactive surfaces support a broad range of applications.
  • Turnkey system. Q-Sense E1 system includes instrument, software, PC and installation, backed by training and support to get you started quickly.
  • 1-Sensor system. A compact, easy-to-use, label-free single-sensor design enables reliable and stable QCM-D measurements with excellent reproducibility.
  • Optional modules. Accessory modules, such as the electrochemistry and window modules, give flexibility in applications.
  • Can be combined with a microscope or an ellipsometer to perform combination experiments.

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Q-Sense E1 by Biolin Scientific product image

Q-Sense E1

Manufacturer Biolin Scientific  |  Available Worldwide

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