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Less Time at the Centrifuge, More Time for Research The µPULSE ® - TFF System is a fully automated, true walk away system that uses miniaturized tangential flow filtration (TFF) for sample concentration and diafiltration (buffer exchange, desalting). Gone are the frequent trips to the centrifuge to check on samples and balancing tubes.

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The µPULSE® provides users:

  • Ability to Concentrate Samples Faster with TFF
    • Unlike centrifuges with traditional dead-end filtration systems, the µPULSE prevents a high concentration gradient from forming at the filtration membrane. This means no reduction in the permeate flow rate and increased sample recovery.
    • System utilizes a larger filtration membrane (50-75% larger) as compared to traditional dead-end filtration systems. This larger membrane boasts a higher membrane flux allowing you to concentrate samples faster so you can move on with your research.
  • True Walk Away System
    Set your desired parameters and let the system do the rest. Remotely monitor and control via a web-based application. Simply, select the original and desired volumes and whether diafiltration is needed.
  • Faster Sample Prep
    Permeate flow rate is over 2x faster than centrifuges with dead-end filters; go from 20 mL to 1 mL in ~10 mins.
  • Max Working Volume of 100 mL
    Working volume is larger than 15 mL dead-end filters, but smaller than standard TFF systems (starting at ~0.5 L).
  • Cost Effective Lab-Scale TFF
    The system’s filtration chips are reusable up to 3x.
  • Easy System Maintenance
    Filtration components are disposable; Little-to-no cleaning needed of non-replaceable components.
  • See Your Progress
    No need to stop your progress to check on samples with full visibility of the solutions at all times.
  • No Need to Balance
    Did you check if the centrifuge was balanced? Oh wait...There isn't one!

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µPULSE by FORMULATRIX®, Inc. product image


Manufacturer FORMULATRIX®, Inc.  |  Available Worldwide

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