ProfiBlot™ 48 western blot processor by Tecan

Manufacturer Tecan
The ProfiBlot 48 is a fully automated western blot processor designed to improve process safety and reliability. It is well suited to a range of applications, including confirmation of infectious and autoimmune diseases, and allergies.

ProfiBlot™ 48 western blot processor by Tecan product image
ProfiBlot™ 48 western blot processor
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ProfiBlot 48 - The automated solution for Western Blot analysis

The ProfiBlot 48 is a fully automated Western Blot Analyzer for a range of applications such as for the confirmation of infectious- and autoimmune diseases, as well as for the confirmation of allergies. It has been designed to improve safety and reliability and has been designed to meet the IVD-directive 98 / 79 / EC for Europe. The ProfiBlot 48 performs the entire assay in a disposable tray within an enclosed environment allowing to minimize human exposure to potentially infectious samples.

Product highlights include:

  • Automated processing of up to 48 samples per run
  • Fast-washing of three assay-strips in parallel
  • Controlled timing also for short incubation steps
  • Reagent delivery system for up to 7 fluids
  • Auto-calibration of dispense volumes to eliminate tedious manual procedure
  • Separate collection of hazardous waste to minimize waste treatment cost
  • Predefined cleaning protocol for easy maintenance
  • Password protection for pre-defined programs available

The ProfiBlot 48 is easily pre-programmed using the BlotWare TM PC-software or via the integrated keypad. Once programming and downloading with the BlotWare TM software is completed, the PC can be disconnected from the instrument, and the assays run in stand-alone mode. Dispense volumes, selection of dispense channels, shaking speed for incubation steps and wash parameters can be arranged in any combination within a protocol, and up to 20 different methods can be stored on-board. Additionally the ProfiBlot T 48 Southern Blot Analyzer is available, equipped with a sophisticated heating- and cooling-system, offering automated processing of sensitive temperature-controlled assays such as reverse hybridization assays.

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ProfiBlot™ 48 western blot processor by Tecan product image

ProfiBlot™ 48 western blot processor

Manufacturer Tecan

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