Polypropylene Filter Plates by Porvair Sciences Ltd

Manufacturer Porvair Sciences Ltd  |   Model: 360047  |  Available Worldwide
96 well Polypropylene, 300uL Short drip UHMW Polyethylene, mean pore size 25µm

Polypropylene Filter Plates by Porvair Sciences Ltd product image
Polypropylene Filter Plates

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Explore the Porvair Sciences Online Catalogue for a comprehensive range of polypropylene filter plates.

The company has optimised filter plates for applications including cell harvesting, DNA separations, binding studies, Plasmid isolation, general filtration and sample clean up. Porvair has a full range of 48-, 96- and 384-well microplates with a choice of glass fibre, nylon, PVDF or polyethylene filtration materials and well volumes ranging from 350μl to 5ml.

Polypropylene Filter Plates Features:

  • Polystyrene and polypropylene filter plates
  • Long and short drip directors
  • Each well has an individual drainage spout ensuring 100% sample transfer
  • Manufactured from ultra pure grade polymer
  • Standard ANSI/SBS footprint
  • Robot friendly
  • Fit standard vacuum manifold