Peltier+ by Waters

Manufacturer Waters  |   Model: 518.45  |  Available Worldwide
Compact all-in-one rapid heating and cooling technology, seamlessly connected with OneLab. Remote set-up and continuous monitoring of temperature, minimizes error and ensures maximum repeatability.

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  • Connected to OneLab by Wi-Fi/Ethernet for remote control and tracking.
  • Rapid cooling of consumables down to 0°C, as well as heating them up to 99°C.
  • Compatible with unskirted, semi-skirted and skirted 96-pcr plate, as well as flat bottomed microplates.
  • Can be used manually, in combination with Pipette+ or directly with Andrew+ (like a Domino).

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Peltier+ by Waters product image


Manufacturer Waters  |  Available Worldwide

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