Orbit mini by Nanion Technologies GmbH

The Orbit mini is a miniaturized bilayer workstation enabling the recording of four artificial lipid bilayers simultaneously. It allows low noise recordings at high bandwidth without the need for any additional equipment.

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Orbit mini

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Bilayer recordings typically mean tedious waiting for bilayer formation, protein introduction and eventually ion channel activity. The Orbit mini combines the parallel membrane preparation and measurement techniques with a maximum of portability and ease of use.

The complete Orbit mini platform consists of the main recording unit with a built-in four channel amplifier (Elements s.r.l.), and an optional computer-controlled environmental control unit for active cooling and heating of the recording chamber. Ionera's MECA 4 disposable recording chips are used for manual painting and recording of four artificial lipid bilayers in parallel.  


  • Standalone turn-key system with extremely small footprint
  • Integrated four channel low-noise amplifier
  • Optional temperature control - automated active cooling and heating
  • Optional fluorescence microscopy kit
  • Low noise recordings at highest bandwidths
  • Increased throughput due to four simultaneous recordings
  • Dedicated comprehensive recording software included
  • Target molecules can be introduced directly or by fusion of (proteo-) liposomes
  • Ion channels: voltage and ligand gated, temperature sensitive
  • Analysis of nanopores, antimicrobial peptides, toxins and many more
  • Cost-efficient experiments with disposable MECA chips