Omni Pro 12 by Axion BioSystems

Manufacturer Axion BioSystems  |  Available Worldwide
Automated, multi-plate, live-cell analysis platform

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Omni Pro 12 System
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Omni Pro 12 is Axion BioSystems’ new multiplate brightfield and fluorescence live-cell imaging platform for drug discovery and development. Featuring integrated robotics, automated plate handling, and powerful software with foolproof data storage, the Omni Pro 12 enables continuous, hands-free cell monitoring straight from your incubator.

With flexibility to support multiple users and applications in any lab, discover how innovative Omni technology can transform your workflow and accelerate your therapeutic pipeline by delivering real-time results reflecting cytotoxicity, cell potency, and other indicators of cell health and function.  

Key Features:  

  • Support multiple users and applications – The Omni Pro 12 accommodates up to 12 microwell plates at a time and supports an array of applications and analyses.  
  • Assay your cells in brightfield and fluorescence – From label-free cell monitoring to fluorescence-based assays, multiple imaging modes allow the device to visualize complex biological changes.   
  • Track every moment, from your incubator – The Omni Pro 12 fits inside an incubator, automatically capturing images of your cells as they grow in their optimal environment.   
  • Place your plate and walk away – The automated robotic arm works around the clock by placing microplates on the stationery sample stage. The software also allows you to monitor your cells and perform data analysis from your desktop.   
  • Get started quickly – A short training will get you up and running with the Omni Pro 12. The platform is easy to use and requires no maintenance or calibration.  

Software modules to support multiple assay types: 

  • Cell Confluence – Available in brightfield or fluorescence. Know exactly when to passage your cells or track cell growth and death in your experiments. 
  • Wound healing/Scratch Assay – Investigate the progression of wound closure over time. 
  • Clonogenic Assay – Monitor and quantify cell proliferation and colony formation to study the effects of cytotoxic and immunotherapeutic agents. 
  • Fluorescent Object Count – Quantify fluorescent objects over time and between wells when running fluorescence-based assays. 
  • Organoid Analysis – Identify, track, and analyze organoids across an array of culture vessels using an advanced machine-learning algorithm. 

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Omni Pro 12 by Axion BioSystems product image

Omni Pro 12

Manufacturer Axion BioSystems  |  Available Worldwide

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