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Maestro TrayZ

Axion BioSystemsMAESTRO-TRAYZ-1 and MAESTRO-TRAYZ-2Available: Worldwide

Multiplate live-cell analysis system

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The Maestro TrayZ™ is a sensitive, live-cell impedance platform for real-time measurement of cell health and function. Continuously monitor up to four 96-well plates simultaneously and generate accurate, reproducible kinetic data using cellular impedance. It features a slim, multiplate tray designed to easily fit in an incubator without requiring the whole incubator.

With easy-to-run assays and clear results, the Maestro TrayZ platform is ideal for cytotoxicity, cell growth, adhesion, immune cell-mediated killing, TEER/barrier function, wound healing, GPCR signaling, viral cytopathic effects, and more. Save time, cut costs, and simplify your workflow with Maestro TrayZ.

Discover ground-breaking throughput, power, precision, and control in the first commercially available multiwell optical stimulation device. Incorporate cutting-edge optical techniques into your in vitro research using Axion BioSystems’ Lumos.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


  • Continuous live-cell monitoring — The Maestro TrayZ platform performs noninvasive, label-free electrical measurements from the cultured cell population, circumventing the use of dyes/reporters that can perturb your cell model and confound results. Track activity in real time over hours, days, and weeks.
  • Expand to meet your needs — With one tray, measure up to four plates at once, or link multiple trays together to increase your throughput to meet your needs.
  • Manage multiple experiments at the device — Barcode tracking ensures there are no mix-ups. As soon as a plate is docked, recording begins without having to run back and forth to a computer.
  • Review your results faster — The Impedance module with AxIS Z™ software provides a simplified approach to the setup, execution, and analysis of experiments.

Multiplex your assay: Maestro + Omni™

  • Platform cross-compatibility lets you view live-cell imaging alongside real-time, functional data to enhance your analysis.
  • Monitor electrode coverage and cell morphology to ensure consistent, quality results.
  • Experience no-hassle tracking — the Axion Portal automatically links data via barcode.


The Maestro TrayZ system is available with the Impedance Software Module:

  • Impedance – Track cell proliferation, morphology, and viability label-free and in real-time. Ideal for immuno-oncology, cytotoxicity, virology, cell migration, cell proliferation, GPCR assays, and many more.


The Maestro TrayZ system is compatible with the 96-well impedance assay plate.

  • CytoView-Z™ – The Maestro impedance plate with a transparent well bottom for cell visualization and assay multiplexing. Available in a 96-well plate format.


The Maestro Edge system has cross-compatibility with:

  • Omni – Compliment your impedance assays with whole-plate images of your cultures. View electrode coverage and culture health over time with just a few clicks in AxIS Z. Compatible with the Omni and Omni Pro 12™ systems.

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