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Exact FL

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Fast, accurate, and automated brightfield and fluorescent cell counting

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Average Rating 5.0

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Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Bright field, FL Cell Counting

It saves valuable researchers time and cost. Very innovative software tools makes it exclusive.

Review Date: 29 Mar 2022 | Axion BioSystems

Accurate, repeatability & way ahead in technology. A must have product.


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Cell Counting

Instrument very effective & efficient in many ways. Quick, clear & accurate. Repeatability of results is a comfort & assurance of proficiency.

Review Date: 7 Mar 2022 | Axion BioSystems

I don’t understand how would anyone live and work without one


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Cell culture

Excellent performance and efficient and effective

Review Date: 7 Mar 2022 | Axion BioSystems

Absolutely fantastic instrument to record data in cloud and also AI computing


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Cell counting

Great product - worth for money buying saves time, accurate & quick reading.

Review Date: 2 Dec 2021 | Axion BioSystems

Cell counting is an essential step in many experimental, clinical, and diagnostic workflows. The Exact FL is an automated cell counting platform designed for efficient and accurate assessment of cell concentrations and viability. The state-of-the-art optics and image analysis software offers an unprecedented level of detail, allowing it to distinguish between cells and debris, detect individual cells within a cluster, or count organoids and measure their size.


  • Count faster with less user variability — Manual cell counting is time-consuming and laborious. The Exact FL uses innovative machine-learning software coupled with an unmatched resolution and expanded field of view, minimizing user-to-user variability and increasing reproducibility, so you can focus on your experiment.
  • Get more with fluorescence — In addition to brightfield cell number and viability, red and green fluorescence channels let you count specific populations within your sample.
  • Plug it in and get started — With an easy-to-use, maintenance-free device that does not require calibration, any lab can quickly start using the Exact FL.


The Exact FL is available with two software modules to match your assay needs:

  • Cell counting – Available in brightfield and fluorescence. Accurately measure cell concentration, size, and viability for cell seeding, protocol standardization, cell growth assessment, and more.
  • Organoid Counting – Count and analyze organoids using an advanced machine-learning algorithm.

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