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MEA and live-cell analysis system

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The MEA system is a great addition to our lab and has expanded our studies.


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Record from Human Stem Cell Derived Neurons

Our lab has benefitted significantly by combining the power of the Maestro MEA system and AxIS software, with our human stem cell-derived neuron-glial cell cultures. We are now able to follow, in real time, the development and functional maturation of neurons, glia, and neural circuits, not only over weeks but over years. We can ask new scientific questions that, previously, were difficult or impossible to answer. In some of our most recent experiments, we were using the MEA system to record from human neurons maintained in culture for almost 2 years. We believe this may be a record for 2D human neuroglial cell cultures.

Review Date: 18 May 2024 | Axion BioSystems

The Teer assay is a game-changer in cell barrier research.


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

To evaluate barrier function of epithelial cells exposed to compounds or microbes

The Teer assay is a vital tool for unraveling the mysteries of cellular barriers and advancing our understanding of health and disease in the easiest way possible. We utilize the Maestro Edge system with the Impedance Module to measure TEER in colonic epithelial cells cultured with various bacteria in vitro. Recently, we demonstrated that B. adolescentis bacteria impair epithelial barrier integrity in patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Review Date: 9 May 2024 | Axion BioSystems

Easy to use and reliable


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Analyze neural activity in long term cultures

MEA systems are becoming a gold standard tool for functional assays especially in the field of using stem cells for disease modeling and potentially drug screening and discovery. During my PhD and now at industrial level, we get very high quality data with MEA systems which is reproducible and consistent with the literature. Unlike patch clamping, it is very useful in studying network functions of the cultures. In addition, it is very user friendly, the sales support is great.

Review Date: 8 May 2024 | Axion BioSystems

Great results! Very excited to do more with my cancer model with the Maestro Edge


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Analyze sensory neurons from tumor bearing mice vs control mice

Very easy to use and gives you TONS of data rather quickly. Easily able to monitor spontaneous activity and evoked activity from sensory neurons. Very cool that we can do this in our cancer model so easily. Can't wait to investigate these sensory neurons after we treat mice with different chemotherapeutics!

Review Date: 8 May 2024 | Axion BioSystems

It is easy equipment with quality results.


Average Rating 4.0

Application Area:

analyze of electrophysiological properties of iPSC derived cardiomyocytes

We can obtain data regarding cardiomyocyte electrophysiological properties relatively easily, though optimization is required for cell replate to MEA plates.

Review Date: 7 Jun 2023 | Axion BioSystems

It looks smart, and we want to use right away.


Average Rating 4.0

Application Area:

Analyze iPSC crdiomyocytes

W just bought the instrument.

Review Date: 31 Mar 2022 | Axion BioSystems

Great, can't live without this instrument soon.


Average Rating 4.0

Application Area:

Analyze network burst of iPS-Neuron

We got the instrument just 2 weeks ago. So, no results. However, MEA-plate is good for culture of iPS-Neuron at this moment. We will try using Maestro Edge to analyze network burst of iPS-Neuron in the next week.

Review Date: 31 Mar 2022 | Axion BioSystems

Excellent customer service, software is intuitive, analysis is quick and easy


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:


We have published three papers so far with data collected and analyzed from this machine and software. The customer service team answered our questions promptly and concisely. Even re-using the plates up to three times, we get reproducible results.

Review Date: 10 Feb 2022 | Axion BioSystems

Amazing system, even greater team at Axion to support you in using it


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Analyze neuronal responses to stimulation

The Axion system has been a great tool for our stimulation experiments as it allows us to test many stimulation protocols and measure responses through metrics provided such as mean firing rate and bursting frequency. The system is easy to use and comes with software updates as well. Importantly, the team at Axion is available to support and also provide guidance in how best to use the system to explore your hypotheses. The Axion system also allows for exporting time series data for analysis using custom MATLAB scripts, allowing for freedom and flexibility in working with the data to glean insights from it.

Review Date: 10 Feb 2022 | Axion BioSystems

Easy-to-use, high throughput electrophysiological platform.


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

Neuronal toxicology, pharmacology

The Maestro MEA system is extremely easy to operate and acquire data. The user-friendly software is very nice and visualizes neural activity from multiple wells in real-time, and it is intuitive. Our lab members can easily operate and smoothly conduct experiments with drug and electrical stimulations. Since the temperature and CO2 environment are well maintained, long-term continuous measurement is possible. In addition, the MEA plates delivered are well managed, and customer support is very good.

Review Date: 30 Apr 2020 | Axion BioSystems

Maestro Edge™ multiwell microelectrode array (MEA) system is a versatile multimodal MEA and impedance system with 6-, 24-, and 96-well* throughput.

The Maestro Edge noninvasively evaluates cellular function in an easy-to-use in vitro assay. Whether monitoring the intricate, electrical activity of excitable cells (e.g., neurons and cardiomyocytes), or tracking the growth and death of cancer cells, Maestro Edge provides high quality, functional data to accelerate your research.

*96-well only available for impedance.


  • Measure cellular activity label-free and real-time — The Maestro Edge detects key parameters of neural network activity, cardiac functionality, and cell growth, death and attachment.
  • Precisely control the cells environment — Cells are a product of their environment. Maestro Edge has a smart environmental chamber that finely controls temperature and CO₂ while rejecting electrical noise and mechanical vibrations.
  • Connect to your network — 384 simultaneous live recordings from your cells with the Neural and Cardiac modules. Now you can understand life’s circuitry label free in real time in 6- or 24-well plates.
  • Continuous cell monitoring — 96 simultaneous live recordings from your cells with the Impedance module. Track cell proliferation, morphology, and viability in real time.
  • See your cells — Sometimes you just want to look at your cells under a microscope. Maestro’s CytoView™ patented transparent circuit technology allows cell visualization and assay multiplexing.
  • Control cellular activity — Recreate specific patterns of cellular activity using electrical stimulation or light pulses (with the Lumos optical stimulation system).
  • Start your assay with the push of a button — “One button setup,” means temperature and CO₂ levels automatically adjust on plate docking. Plate usage is logged via an integrated plate barcode scanner for convenient experiment tracking.
  • Monitor the kinetics of your biology on your smartphone — No need to be in the lab. With the Impedance module, track changes in cell proliferation, viability, and cell killing over minutes or weeks.

Multiplex your assay: Maestro + Omni™

  • Platform cross-compatibility lets you view live-cell imaging alongside real-time, functional data to enhance your analysis.
  • Monitor electrode coverage and cell morphology to ensure consistent, quality results.
  • Experience no-hassle tracking — the Axion Portal automatically links data via barcode.


The Maestro Edge platform is available with six software modules: Neural, Cardiac, MEA Viability, MEA Automation, Impedance, and GxP Impedance. Select the software modules to match your assay needs:

  • Neural – Measure the key parameters of neural network function, including activity (are the neurons functional?), synchrony (are the synapses functional?), and oscillation (is the network functional?).
  • Cardiac – Record the four key measures of functional cardiac performance, label free and in real time in every well of the multiwell plate: action potential (a.k.a. LEAP assay); field potential; propagation; and contractility.
  • MEA Viability – Measure cell viability and coverage on MEA plates for a complete structure-function assay.
  • MEA Automation – Automate Cardiac and Neural MEA assays with this API for interfacing with liquid handling platforms.
  • Impedance – Track cell proliferation, morphology, and viability label-free and in real-time. Ideal for immuno-oncology, cytotoxicity, virology, cell migration, cell proliferation, GPCR assays, and many more.
  • GxP Impedance – Achieve FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance in GMP/GLP labs with this version of the Impedance Software Module.


The Maestro Edge system is compatible with the 24- and 6-well versions of Axion’s MEA plates, and the 96-well impedance assay plate. Select the multiwell plates to match your assay needs:

  • CytoView MEA – The premium Maestro multiwell MEA plate with a transparent well bottom for cell visualization and assay multiplexing. The 24-, and 6-well plate formats are compatible with the Maestro Edge.
  • BioCircuit MEA™ – Maestro MEA plates with an opaque well bottom delivering high-quality results at the lowest cost per well. The 24-well plate format is compatible with the Maestro Edge.
  • Lumos MEA™ – Maestro MEA plates designed for use with the Lumos system, featuring a transparent well bottom and light-focusing lid. The 24-well plate format is compatible with the Maestro Edge.
  • CytoView-Z™ – The Maestro impedance plate with a transparent well bottom for cell visualization and assay multiplexing. Available in a 96-well plate format.


Lumos is a multiwell light stimulation system for optogenetic assays that pairs with the Maestro Edge. The Maestro Edge platform is compatible with the Lumos 24 optical stimulation system:

  • Lumos 24™ – For use with Lumos MEA 24 plates. The Lumos 24 system has four LEDs per well (red, orange, green, and blue).


The Maestro Edge system has cross-compatibility with:

  • Omni – See whole-plate images of your cultures next to real-time activity measurements. Confirm electrode coverage and culture health with just a few clicks from AxIS Navigator™. Compatible with Omni and Omni Pro 12™ systems.

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