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Maestro Volt

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An affordable MEA system for every lab

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The Maestro Volt™ makes quality MEA data accessible to any lab. The introductory MEA system is our most budget-friendly offering, designed for labs with lower throughput needs.

Compatible with our 6-well CytoView MEA™ plates and the Neural or Cardiac module, Maestro Volt allows for noninvasive electrophysiological evaluation of your cells in an easy-to-use in vitro assay. Capture the dynamic electrical activity of excitable cells (e.g. neurons and cardiomyocytes) and see how Maestro Volt can supercharge your research.


  • Save on cost — The same quality MEA data at a budget-friendly price.
  • Create detailed functional profiles — Dynamic spatial and temporal functional data evaluates how cells fire and interact in culture.
  • Monitor cells noninvasively — Noninvasive electrodes track activity over time for in-depth developmental studies and maximum experimental flexibility.
  • Precisely control the cells’ environment — The smart environmental chamber finely controls temperature and CO₂ while rejecting electrical noise and mechanical vibrations.
  • See your cells — Maestro’s patented CytoView transparent circuit technology allows easy cell visualization and assay multiplexing.
  • Control cellular activity — Electrical stimulation lets you recreate specific patterns of cellular activity.
  • Perform complex experiments with simple assay techniques — Requires only basic culture techniques with no labels, dyes, or complicated steps.

Multiplex your assay: Maestro + Omni™

  • Platform cross-compatibility lets you view live-cell imaging alongside real-time, functional data to enhance your analysis.
  • Monitor electrode coverage and cell morphology to ensure consistent, quality results.
  • Experience no-hassle tracking — the Axion Portal automatically links data via barcode.


The Maestro Volt platform is available with one of two software modules: Neural or Cardiac. Select the software module to match your assay needs:

  • Neural – Measure the key parameters of neural network function, including activity (are the neurons functional?), synchrony (are the synapses functional?), and oscillation (is the network functional?).
  • Cardiac – Record the four key measures of functional cardiac performance, label free and in real time in every well of the multiwell plate: action potential (a.k.a. LEAP assay); field potential; propagation; and contractility.


The Maestro Volt is compatible with:

  • CytoView MEA – The premium Maestro multiwell MEA plate with a transparent well bottom for cell visualization and assay multiplexing. The 6-well plate formats are compatible with the Maestro Volt.


The Maestro Volt system has cross-compatibility with:

  • Omni – See whole-plate images of your cultures next to real-time activity measurements. Confirm electrode coverage and culture health with just a few clicks from AxIS Navigator™. Compatible with Omni and Omni Pro 12™ systems.

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