Olink® Target 96 Cardiovascular II by Olink Proteomics

Manufacturer Olink Proteomics  |   Model: 95500
Together with our CVD III panel, this provides the most comprehensive, high-performance protein biomarker solution available for cardiovascular disease studies.

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Olink® Target 96 Cardiovascular II

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Our Cardiovascular II panel provides a high-throughput, multiplex immunoassay enabling analysis of 92 cardiovascular disease-related protein biomarkers across 96 samples simultaneously. This high level of multiplexing is achieved without any compromise on data quality, thanks to our proprietary Proximity Extension Assay (PEA) technology. 

This panel contains known human cardiovascular and inflammatory markers as well as some exploratory human proteins with great potential as new CVD markers, which were carefully selected in collaboration with leading experts in the field. Each analyte in the panel has been assessed in terms of sample material, specificity, precision, sensitivity, dynamic range, matrix effects and interference. The assays on this panel have been selected to focus on low-abundance proteins.

Together with  our CVD III panel, this represents the most extensive solution available on the market for proteins associated with cardiovascular diseases and related biological processes, enabling investigation of protein signatures with high efficiency and robustness and accelerates the speed of finding new and relevant human protein biomarkers. The content of the panel has been designed in close collaboration with experts within the field.

  • High quality data that you can trust
  • The rapid high throughput analysis that your studies deserve
  • The most effective use of your precious samples (1 µL blood to measure 92 proteins)

The panel is available via fee-for-service analysis, or as a reagent kit (requires a Fludigm® Biomark qPCR instrument to run).