NGS DreamPrep Workstation by Tecan

Manufacturer Tecan

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NGS DreamPrep Workstation
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Combining automation instrumentation and NGS reagent kits for research, Tecan now offers a fully optimized solution for NGS library preparation. Bringing the Fluent liquid handler, Infinite® plate reader and innovative library preparation kits together, minimal manual intervention is required after the protocol is started, saving scientists time they can then use to progress their research.

The NGS DreamPrep workstation is delivered with example methods for Celero™ and Universal Plus reagents, including the NuQuant® Library Quantification method and AnyDeplete mediated transcript depletion of unwanted reads from sequencing data.

The NGS DreamPrep transforms your library preparation workflows by:

  • Revolutionary, time saving reagent kits by Tecan Genomics to decrease throughput times and cut cost
  • Integrated, full library QC within minutes without sample loss
  • PCR Free and Addition Only workflowsSingle point of contact for automation, reagents, consumables, application support etc.
  • Touchscreen based instrument handling using an easy-to-use interface, customized to your needs

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NGS DreamPrep Workstation by Tecan product image

NGS DreamPrep Workstation

Manufacturer Tecan

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