NDA 702 - Dual Carrier Gas Dumas Nitrogen Analyzer by Velp Scientifica Srl

Manufacturer Velp Scientifica Srl  |   Model: Dumas, combustion, e  |  Available Worldwide
A versatile dual carrier gas Dumas N/Protein Analyzer, able to perform precise protein determination in 3/4 minutes

NDA 702 - Dual Carrier Gas Dumas Nitrogen Analyzer by Velp Scientifica Srl product image
NDA 702 - Dual Carrier Gas Dumas Nitrogen Analyzer

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VELP Scientifica has designed convenience into the NDA 702 Dumas Dual Carrier Gas Nitrogen Analyzer to let the user concentrate on evaluating the results that are produced in just 3 to 4 minutes per sample.

Once up to 4 discs (30 positions each) have been loaded, press the start button and walk away: NDA 702 will test for you the sample, providing valuable information through DUMASoft(tm) software.

A new unmatched LOD and accuracy hit the industry: with the best limit of detection on the market, you are assured of high precision results.

With NDA 702 you can also switch the carrier gas, from Helium to Argon or vice-versa. It is truly quick, easy and safe: simply choose the gas, close one tap and open the other. No need to replace parts or upgrade software.



  • Exceptional versatility, it can operate with Argon or Helium as carrier gas
  • Powerful DUMASoft software, with detailed reporting software
  • High productivity, flash determination of nitrogen & protein content
  • Automated analysis of preloaded samples
  • Totally unsupervised operation
  • Unmatched LOD (0.001 mg N)
  • Economical Operation
  • LoGas TCD with no reference gas required


  • Protein determination in food, feed & beverage products
  • Nitrogen determination in environmental & agriculture samples
  • Nitrogen determination in pharmaceutical & chemical samples
  • Strongly recommend when testing samples with low nitrogen/protein content thanks to its unmatched sensitivity