Nanoduct® Neonatal Sweat Analysis System by ELITechGroup

Manufacturer ELITechGroup  |   Model: Model 1030  |  Available Worldwide
The Nanoduct Neonatal Sweat Analysis System simplifies the sweat test and for the first time makes possible reliable laboratory diagnosis of cystic fibrosis in the first days of life. The compact and ergonomic Nanoduct updates the classic method of inducing sweat by pilocarpine iontophoresis, followed by continuous-flow analysis using the unique Nanoduct sensor cell. Results appear quickly on the display. Nanoduct has sensitive and robust self-diagnostics for complete monitoring of all system f

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Nanoduct® Neonatal Sweat Analysis System
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Initial Sweating rate Displayed Automatically

As soon as sweat enters the micro-conductivity cell, the display alerts the operator. After a very short interval, the display reads out the initial sweating rate and gives continuous readings of real-time conductivity.

Requires only 3 Microliters of Sweat

The minuscule conductivity sensor allows reading at only 3 micrometers of sweat, which, for reasonably mature glands usually happens within 6 minutes after applying the sensor.

Shorter Stimulation Time

Improved Pilogel Iontophoretic Discs yield maximal gland stimulation after 2.5 minutes of iontophoresis at 0.5 mA total current, which is desirable both in safety and time of involvement for neonates.

Neonate-to-Adult Capability

While the Nanoduct is designed for neonates, it works equally well on patients of any age.

Automatic Averaging of Conductivity

The Instrument automatically waits 3 minutes after the first display of conductivity, then commences a 5-minute averaging period, and displays the resultant average value as the repeatable diagnostic result.

Compact, Hand-Held Unit

Nanoduct’s trim, hand-held case simplifies handling, set-up, and operation.

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Nanoduct® Neonatal Sweat Analysis System by ELITechGroup product image

Nanoduct® Neonatal Sweat Analysis System

Manufacturer ELITechGroup  |  Available Worldwide

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