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Combined with the Nadia Instrument, the new nadAROSE Reagent Kit is a standardized method for high throughput encapsulation of single cells in agarose. A fast, low cost, reproducible solution.

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One of the greatest difficulties faced by researchers interested in using hydrogels for single-cell research is the lack of a reliable, standardized, high throughput, reagent kit that is available commercially.  To enable researchers to explore this rapidly developing area of research with ease, Dolomite Bio has developed a hydrogel reagent kit designed to address these needs.

The nadAROSE Reagent Kit is a complete, standardized solution for encapsulating single cells in agarose. For use with the Nadia Instrument, this kit includes all the necessary reagents to create small scaffolds with ultra-low melting point agarose.
The kit offers researchers these benefits: 

  • Standardization: Dolomite Bio has created a standard protocol so there is no need for empirical testing on the Nadia Innovate, nor any requirement for microfluidics knowledge 
  • Convenience: the nadAROSE kit contains all necessary reagents to make small (<70 um) agarose scaffolds 
  • Novelty: no other commercially available kits for producing hydrogel scaffolds with single cells encapsulated.

If your research involves FACS, cell sorting; cell secretion studies; cell-cell interactions, microbial cell culture, and other applications, this kit is a fast, low-cost, and reproducible solution to cell encapsulation in agarose.

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nadAROSE by Dolomite Bio product image


Manufacturer Dolomite Bio  |  Available Worldwide

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