MS40+ Rotary-Vane Pump by Agilent Technologies

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Thanks to a very simple and highly reliable design, these field proven rotary vane pumps provide excellent vacuum performance. 

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MS40+ Rotary-Vane Pump
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  • Ease of use
    4 out of 5
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    2 out of 5
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    3 out of 5
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High possibility for oil leakage
Rating: 3.0

  • Application Area: ICPMS Agilent 7900

"This pump has a high tendency to leak oil and is not an environmentally friendly pump. Best to be used in a controlled environment (AC) or Cabinet. I would not recommend this costly vacuum pump, unless no choice."

Review date: 02 Jul 2018 | MS40+ Rotary-Vane Pump

Manufacturer's Response

The MS 40+ was designed specifically to support LCMS and ICPMS instruments. Early experience did show some instances of oil leakage when operating in challenging environments, and subsequent technical improvements address this concern. While dry pump options cost about four times as much, the MS 40+ single stage pump does represent a cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative. MS 40+ uses less oil than dual-stage oil-sealed alternatives and employs a frequency inverter to reduce power consumption. A quiet cover solution is available to greatly reduce ambient noise.
Small footprint, high roughing

The environmentally-friendly Agilent MS40+ rotary vane pump is the latest from the experts in vacuum technologies. With a pumping speed of more than 45m3/hour its the highest in its class. Sophisticated electronics and excellent mechanical design allow high capacity roughing with a small footprint. General applications served by the MS40+ pump are electron microscopy, mass spectrometry including LC-MS/ICP-MS/ GC-TOF-MS and other scientific instrumentation.