Monolith NT.LabelFree by NanoTemper Technologies

Manufacturer NanoTemper Technologies  |  Available Worldwide
Truly label-free biomolecular interaction studies using the Monolith NT.LabelFree: More than binding affinities.

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Monolith NT.LabelFree
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The Monolith NT.LabelFree measures biomolecular interactions via MicroScale Thermophoresis (MST).

Thermophoresis is detected and quantified using intrinsic tryptophan fluorescence and thus provides a truly label-free experimental setup. Without the need for a fluorescent label or any surface immobilization, the interaction studies performed with the Monolith NT.LabelFree reflects the binding of the protein in its native state. Combined with low sample requirements, label-free MST allows for the measurement of susceptible proteins which are difficult to handle and which are typically available in limited quantities.

Besides the dissociation constant, MST datasets contain unique information about aggregation and sample quality allowing for rapid assay setup and straightforward sample optimization.


  • Truly label- and immobilization-free
  • Dynamic range: 10 nM to mM dissociation constants
  • Application range: ions, nucleic acids, small molecules and sugars binding to proteins
  • Low sample consumption: just 4 µl per titration point
  • No size limitation: monitor binding of low MW molecules as well as binding of ribosomes
  • Get your Kd in minutes
  • Kd-Plus: get unique information on sample quality and aggregation along with the Kd
  • Maintenance-free instrument
  • Straightforward handling: simple sample preparation and intuitive software user interface


Interactions between any kind of biomolecules, from single ions, fragments, and small molecules up to high molecular weight complexes.

  • Protein-Small Molecules or Protein-Fragments
  • Protein - Ions
  • Membrane Proteins
  • and many more!

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Monolith NT.LabelFree by NanoTemper Technologies product image

Monolith NT.LabelFree

Manufacturer NanoTemper Technologies  |  Available Worldwide

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