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Manufacturer PHCbi  |   Model: MLS-3020U-PE  |  Available Worldwide
Convenient sterilisation on demand offers great flexibility

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The MLS-3020U is a Laboratory Autoclave of 48 litres. Low profile design, easy operation, maximum safety.

MLS Portable Laboratory Autoclaves provide a safe and reliable high pressure steam sterilizing environment within a unit that is particularly easy to use. Microprocessor control ensures that the correct temperature is accurately maintained and easily operated with one-touch operation.

Accurate sterilization operation

A microprocessor monitors and controls steam temperature within the chamber, ensuring that it is maintained within the 105°C – 126°C range.

Customizable sterilization program

Sterilization temperature and time can be easily adjusted as needed. Latest set values are always stored in the system, even after the autoclave is switched off.

Safety assured with fail-safe functions

  1. Pressure safety valve A reliable pressure safety valve is used to prevent pressure inside the chamber from rising above acceptable levels.
  2. Door switch A safety mechanism prevents the autoclave from operating if the door is not completely closed. A “door closed” lamp lets you check whether the door is closed.
  3. Thermistor error detector If there is a thermistor error and the connection is broken, the heater will turn off to prevent overheating. Buzzer alert: Pairs of short beepsrepeated in succession.
  4. Overheating protection function The digital display starts to flash if the temperature in the chamber rises more than 2°C above the temperature setting. If it rises 3°C or more above the setting, the relay shuts off, and cuts off power to the heater.
PHC Europe B.V. also offers two other sizes of the same type MLS Portable Laboratory Autoclave:
  • MLS-3751L-PE (50 litres)
  • MLS-3781L-PE (75 litres)

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Manufacturer PHCbi  |  Available Worldwide

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