MiSeq FGx Reagent Kit by Verogen

Manufacturer Verogen  |   Model: TG-143-1001/1002  |  Available Worldwide
The MiSeq FGx Reagent Kit makes sequencing set-up simple by providing all the required reagents in an easy to use, pre-filled cartridge.

MiSeq FGx Reagent Kit by Verogen product image
MiSeq FGx Reagent Kit
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The MiSeq FGx Reagent Kit provides everything needed for sequencing run set up in a RFID -labeled reagent cartridge and wash bottle. Cluster generation and sequencing occur automatically on-board the MiSeq FGx instrument with no additional user intervention required. Multiple kit options support either low or high throughput labs and can be used for either forensic or research use only runs.

  • Easy-to-use, pre-filled cartridge simplifies run set up
  • RFID encoding enables tracking and quality assurance
  • Available in low throughput (micro) or high throughput (standard) sizes
  • Supports both Forensic and Research Use Only applications