Metabolite Yeast Extract by Cambridge Isotope Laboratories

For Quality Control and Internal Standardization in Metabolomics

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Metabolite Yeast Extract
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Cambridge Isotope Laboratories, Inc. (CIL) is pleased to offer a dilute-and-shoot 13C-labeled and unlabeled metabolite yeast extract for use as an internal standard in MS-based quantitative or profiling studies of various sample types.

These extracts have been highly characterized by a number of methodologies and are amenable to a variety of research uses after simple reconstitution. The components in the extracts span broad metabolic classes (e.g., amino and organic acids, sugar phosphates, coenzymes), biochemical pathways (e.g., citrate  and glyoxylate cycle, amino acid and nucleotide metabolism),  and cellular/molecular processes (e.g., immune system, blood coagulation, DNA metabolism).