Mechanical Stimulation Bioreactors by TA Instruments

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From introductory bioreactors to the most versatile mechanical stimulation bioreactors on the market, ElectroForce BioDynamic instruments are engineered to advance 3D tissue growth.  TA ElectroForce® BioDynamic® test instruments combine bioreactor chambers with mechanical test instruments to provide stimulation, characterization, and tissue growth solutions for engineered tissues and biomaterials within a sterile cell culture media environment.

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Mechanical Stimulation Bioreactors

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The TA ElectroForce 3DCulturePro™ bioreactor is a multi-specimen perfusion bioreactor for reproducible and reliable tissue growth. This system supports cell growth and 3D tissue culture in an easy-to-use, scalable setup. The bioreactor comes as a single, standalone chamber with specimen fixtures or as a complete, multi-chamber system with a perfusion pump to fill the needs of individual labs at an affordable price.

The TA ElectroForce® 5100 BioDynamic® test instrument provides accurate mechanical stimulation and characterization of biomaterials and biological specimens within a sterile cell culture media environment.  The instruments can be used for the evaluation of a variety of specimens, including biomaterials, acellular and cell-seeded scaffolds, native tissue samples and tissue-engineered constructs.  Key features include: Versatile chambers for vascular and orthopaedic applications, Multi-axial capabilities: axial, axial/torsion, axial/pulsatile, and axial/pulsatile/torsion, Suitable for autoclaving and ethylene oxide sterilization

The TA ElectroForce® 5200 multi-specimen BioDynamic® test instrument can be used for a variety of tissues and biomaterials, and allow reproducible mechanical stimulation, for statistical characterization of multiple specimens. With multi-mover capabilities for tension/compression loading and dynamic (pulsatile) flow stimulation, multi-specimen BioDynamic instruments from TA ElectroForce open up new research possibilities for advanced tissue engineering and biomaterials research.  Key features include: Versatile chambers adaptable to blood vessels, cardiac muscle, bone, cartilage, meniscus, spinal discs, ligaments, tendons, and skin, Multi-chamber system with independent media loops and controlled loading of all samples to measure statistical variability.