MDF-U76V-PE VIP ULT Freezer by PHCbi

Manufacturer PHCbi  |   Model: MDF-U76V-PE  |  Available Worldwide
Excellent reliability and uniformity within an optimal footprint

MDF-U76V-PE VIP ULT Freezer by PHCbi product image

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The VIP ULtra Low Freezer MDF-U76V-PE is a 728 litre capacity freezer and has been designed to meet the growing demand for greater energy efficiency without compromising freezer performance or sample security. In fact, cooling efficiency, insulation characteristics and door-open recovery times have all been enhanced through exclusive PHCbi innovations: a capillary tube heat exchanger and next-generation VIP PLUS .

As a result, greater temperature uniformity throughout the freezer and faster temperature pull-down contribute to industry-leading sample security.

PHC Europe B.V. offers three other sizes of the VIP ULT freezers:
  • MDF-C8V1-PE (84 litres)
  • MDF-U33V-PE (333 litres)
  • MDF-U55V-PE (519 litres)