MarkerView™ Software by SCIEX

Manufacturer SCIEX
Robust Statistical Software That Adds Depth to Your Analysis

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MarkerView™ Software

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MarkerView Software does the heavy lifting for you to rigorously mine data and provide statistical analysis and visualization of large numbers of samples.

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MarkerView Software is ideal for profiling and comparing the composition within your samples in order to gain valuable insight into any trends within your mass spectral. This post-acquisition analysis software reduces the need for manual intervention empowering you to explore statistical correlations with direct connections back to the raw data from your SCIEX Mass Spectrometer, so you can confidently and effectively solve even your most complex analysis.

Features of MarkerView Software:

  • Statistical analyses tools that covers it all to include supervised and unsupervised multivariate statistical analysis tools such as T-test, PCA and Principal Components Analysis-Discriminant Analysis (PCA-DA) for effective differentiating allowing you extract relevant information from complex datasets
  • Effectively Review allows uncover insights hidden your data using traditional scores and loading plots to generate from PCA values, as well as directly link to your raw mass spectra and chromatographic data so you can go through multiple data files and simultaneously to confirm findings.
  • Import Wizard is highly intuitive, requiring less effort to remember pull down menus and steps between screens as it functions as a guided workflow.
  • Information Rich reports that contain annotation functionality and can be customized to fit your needs.

Key benefits of the MarkerView Software:

  • Effective - Generate meaning behind your analysis through chromatographic and spectral peak picking to find true peaks in complex samples
  • Intuitive - Easily explore statistical correlations and interact with your data using dynamic visualization tools to understand key relationships and create compelling reports
  • Reliable – quality-tested algorithms that employ statistical analyses tools so you can analyze your data with ease

Application areas:

  • Food, Environment and Forensic
  • Life Science Research

Instrument Compatibility:

All SCIEX Mass Spectrometer systems, supports .wiff and *wiff2 format and infused MS/MSALL

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MarkerView™ Software by SCIEX product image

MarkerView™ Software

Manufacturer SCIEX

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