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Analyst software

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Simple, Flexible, and Fast LC-MS/MS Acquisition Software

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Average Rating 4.6

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Average Rating 3.7

Application Area:

Analyze metabolites in tissue samples

It’s a relatively easy software but the limitation to only window devices is SO inconvenient considering MAC is consuming the world of technology.

Review Date: 23 Apr 2024 | SCIEX

The Best Quantitating Software


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:

quantitation assays

I've used many different brand instruments over the years with their own analyzing software. But Sciex's Analyst software is by far the most user-friendly and has the most straightforward data reporting. Other companies what to make quantitation software with way too many options.

Review Date: 26 Jul 2022 | SCIEX

Very accessible.


Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:


Helps make very good progress, super fast and easy to customize.

Review Date: 13 Sept 2020 | SCIEX

Analyst has helped in developing effective MRM with sMRM techique


Average Rating 4.0

Application Area:

Analyze metabolites in Serum

Analyst has helped in developing effective MRM with sMRM techique

Review Date: 9 Nov 2015 | SCIEX

Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:


I have been using this software for over three years now and found it absolutely amazing. It is easy to connect it with the Sciex Analysis software Protein Pilot. I do a lot of iTRAQ work and quantitation is a big part of my research.

Review Date: 10 Nov 2014 | SCIEX

Average Rating 5.0

Before Analyst, the software for SCIEX mass-spectrometers ran on Apple computer (1990). This software was excellent and had only one competitor: Hewlett-Packard. When Analyst was created, the idea was to write software that resemble as closely as possible to the one that ran out of Apple. The first result (Analyst 1.0) was not a success and all the old users were unhappy. With the various versions that have occurred over the years and thanks to the advice of the users, Analysts became a very good product. I begin to work with Sciex mass-spectrometers about 24 years ago and use analyst since he was born and I can say that the latest versions are really very powerful and functional. Of course nothing is perfect, but the standards achieved by Analyst are certainly at the highest levels. It’s simple to use, does not require a high degree of expertise, can be implemented with many other useful tools and meets all the safety requirements. Clearly, every software has its strengths and weaknesses, you just recognize them. The price of the software is in "the normal range" respect to other products and you can have all necessary support (upgrading, patches, drivers) via internet. All those purchasing an AB Sciex mass-spectrometer, they will do a great job with Analyst.

Review Date: 21 Oct 2014 | SCIEX

Average Rating 4.0

Application Area:

Residue Chemistry

This software is extremely user friendly, reliable, and allows for multiple functions. In our type of work, the software that is easy to use makes it very useful as we have constant need of training new people and this allows us to not spend so much time training. Everything is at the tip of your fingers and can be located on the tool bar. The only down fall is the metabolic software is not part of it and is separate. I highly recommend this product.

Review Date: 27 Jun 2014 | SCIEX

Average Rating 5.0

Application Area:


Very user friendly software.

Review Date: 20 Dec 2013 | SCIEX

Whether you’re an expert or a novice, Analyst Software’s broad functionality powers all elements of your lab to enhance performance and generate accurate results. Based on industry needs, Analyst Software provides comprehensive functionality for more efficient workflows and faster data analysis. From flexible data acquisition and rapid data processing, Analyst Software is an integral component of your complex MS analysis. The software delivers enables sophisticated analytical results and simplifies validation requirements in regulated environments, so you can generate reliable results.

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