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The MANTIS ® is an automated low-volume reagent dispensing system. Capable of achieving accurate and precise dispensing from volumes as low as 100nL. Used in a broad range of application areas including single-cell genomics and transcriptomics; biochemical and cell-based assay development; qPCR sample preparation and normalization. With a small footprint and intuitive software it is the ideal personal pipetting solution.

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Liquid Handling Revolution

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For our MANTIS users in laboratories around the world there are many benefits that the small but mighty robot delivers which very quickly make it an indispensable part of their laboratory team. 

Saving costs on reagents and consumables. Dead volumes of less than 10μL and the ability to miniaturize a broad range of assay types combined with the virtual elimination of disposable pipette tips from your workflow.

Fewer repeated or wasted experiments. Highly precise dispensing with CV of less than 1.5%, RFID tracked reagents for ease of setup and dependable dispensing. A true step up from manual pipetting.

Taking on the tasks that no one wants. From normalizing nucleic acids in a 96 well plate in under two minutes to executing a 12-factor design-of-experiment workflow. 

Spend less time pipetting and more time focusing on the science that really matters to you.


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MANTIS by FORMULATRIX®, Inc. product image


Manufacturer FORMULATRIX®, Inc.  |  Available Worldwide

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