MALDI Guided SpatialOMx by Bruker Daltonics

Manufacturer Bruker Daltonics  |  Available Worldwide
MALDI Guided SpatialOMx on the timsTOF fleX

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MALDI Guided SpatialOMx
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MALDI-2: Bringing enhanced Sensitivity and Dimensionality

timsTOF fleX is now available with the innovative and powerful MALDI-2 technology option. This post-ionization technique leads to both a significant boost in ion yields and reduction in ion suppression effects, resulting in a signal increase of up to 1-3 orders of magnitude compared to traditional MALDI experiments. For a MALDI Imaging experiment, this increased efficiency translates to more than double the number of molecules detected per pixel resulting in much improved physiological context.

TIMS and MALDI-2: Deep Content Imaging for OMICS Context

OMICS studies involving small molecules desorbed from tissues sections such as lipidomics and Metabolomics typically involve biomolecules from a wide variety of chemical classes. These studies benefit from MALDI-2 as the technique provides access to many more compounds, providing unique insight into nature’s complexity.. The combination of TIMS and MALDI-2 is uniquely powerful as richer ion yields from the post-ionization process produce mass spectra with higher information content. TIMS provides fast orthogonal separation that efficiently unravels these complex spectra where each m/z can contain many overlapping features. The result is not only the ability to extract information from single isobars, but also exact masses that have different ion mobilities. Collisional Cross Section (CCS) values are recorded for each one of the spectral components for comparison to databases or LC/MS results.

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