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Track cell proliferation and viability label-free in a 384-well plate

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Maestro ZHT system
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Easy to use, reproducible and reliable!
Rating: 5.0

  • Application Area: Analyze cell attachment and proliferation.

"With the ZHT impedence system we were able to get real time cell attachment and proliferation data of ES and iPS cell. This equipment allowed us to optimize our culturing protocols with confidence."

Review date: 10 Feb 2022 | Maestro ZHT

Axion BioSystems’ Maestro ZHT bioelectronic assay platform measures cell proliferation, death, morphology, attachment, and signaling label-free and in real time. Screen candidates in 96- or 384-well formats with the ability to link and run several systems simultaneously. Track immune cell-mediated killing, viral infectivity, cancer cell invasiveness, endothelial barrier function, wound healing, and more.

The Maestro ZHT uses impedance technology to continuously monitor living cells, detecting cell number, morphology, and signaling without additional labels or dyes. Cells are cultured directly on electrodes embedded in the bottom of microtiter plates. Measurements do not alter the cell’s biology and may be collected for prolonged times. The Maestro ZHT provides more information with less work, creating a direct interface between biology and electronics for the rapid development of new drug candidates in healthcare and medicine.

With fully integrated incubation, the Maestro ZHT’s small benchtop footprint conserves space in the lab and requires no additional incubator.

For labs operating in a regulatory environment an optional cGLP/cGMP ready software module is available. Regulatory compliance doesn’t have to mean complicated software. With the GxP Impedance Module you can quickly and easily perform all assays, while achieving FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance in cGLP/cGMP labs. The GxP Impedance Module includes AxIS Z software, providing a straightforward, simplified approach to the set-up, execution and analysis of impedance experiments, with easy-to-use compliance features.


Taking care of the assay so you can focus on the science.

  • High-throughput, continuous monitoring of your cells - Up to 384 simultaneous live recordings from your cells. The Maestro ZHT system performs noninvasive electrical measurements from the cultured cell population, circumventing the use of dyes/reporters that can perturb your cells and confound results. Track activity over hours, days, and weeks from the same population of cells label-free and in real time.

  • Precisely control the cells environment -  There is no need for an additional cell culture incubator, saving valuable lab space and money. Maestro Z’s smart environmental chamber finely controls temperature and CO2 while rejecting electrical noise and mechanical vibrations.

  • Start your assay with the push of a button - “One button setup,” means temperature and CO₂ levels automatically adjust on plate docking. Plate usage is logged via an integrated plate barcode scanner for convenient experiment tracking.

  • Review your results faster  - The Impedance module with AxIS Z software provides a simplified approach to the setup, execution, and analysis of experiments.

  • See your cells - Sometimes you just want to look at your cells under a microscope. Maestro’s CytoView patented transparent circuit technology allows cell visualization and assay multiplexing.

  • Achieve 21 CFR Part 11 compliance in GLP/GMP labs - Designed with clinical translation and a regulatory environment in mind, the optional GxP Impedance Module makes the assay easy to validate and fully auditable while maintaining many of the streamlined and user-friendly features of AxIS Z.

  • Validate your assay for high throughput screening - A 384-well cytotoxicity assay using the Maestro ZHT was validated for high-throughput screening, achieving high Z' ( Z'=0.81, n=2 ) with no edge effects.

  • Monitor your experiments from outside the lab -  The Maestro Z App allows you to check in on your cells and experiment to ensure everything is running smoothly while you are away from the lab.

  • Increase throughput with multiple Maestros -  Simultaneously monitor multiple plates automatically with multiple Maestro support. Save space in your lab by controlling multiple Maestro systems using a single computer.

Impedance-based assays include but are not limited to:

  • Cytotoxicity and cell viability
  • In vitro potency assay for cancer immunotherapy
  • Barrier function/TEER
  • Cell proliferation, migration and invasion
  • Anti-viral drugs and viral titer studies
  • GPCR siganling and more

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Maestro ZHT by Axion BioSystems product image

Maestro ZHT

Manufacturer Axion BioSystems  |  Available Worldwide

5.0 / 5.0 | 1 reviews