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LabSat® by Lunaphore Technologies

Manufacturer Lunaphore Technologies  |  Available Worldwide
A compact and automated tissue stainer to accelerate your spatial biology research.

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LabSat® is a benchtop platform for spatial biology analysis of tissue samples. It can perform multiplex IHC stainings with the highest quality and reproducibility, ensured by a patented microfluidic technology called FFeX™ (Fast-Fluidic Exchange).

LabSat® key benefits:

  • It can run a wide range of applications, including chromogenic IHC, tyramide signal amplification-based multiplex immunohistochemistry (TSA-based mIHC), and multiplex immunofluorescence (mIF).​
  • LabSat® is compatible with any standard, non-conjugated antibodies. Leverage your existing know-how and use your own library of validated primary antibodies.​
  • Protocol development is fast and intuitive. You can finetune multiple parameters and rapidly transfer your manual protocols onto the platform. If you are getting started in spatial biology, we can share with you our extensive database of optimized markers and protocols, so you don't have to.​
  • If you use other high-throughput instrumentation for spatial analysis, LabSat® enables the optimization of your protocols in record time before transferring them onto high-capacity platforms.​
  • LabSat® runs with standard glass slides and is validated for use with FFPE samples, frozen sections, TMAs, as well as on multiple organs and species.