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Scanning Electron Microscope with exceptional fidelity at any kV

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The unique in-lens field emission gun and advanced electron optics deliver large probe currents while maintaining a small probe making this microscope ideally suited for imaging and analysis of nanostructures. This highly versatile SEM is compact in design yet is equipped with a large chamber and both High and Low Vacuum modes for managing a wide variety of specimen types in their native state. The JSM-IT700HR can be outfitted with our fully embedded EDS microanalysis system providing EDS spectrum in real time during image observation.

  • In-lens field emission gun delivers ≥300nA to the specimen
  • Aperture Angle Control Lens (ACL) for high resolution at any kV or probe current
  • Advanced auto functions including beam alignment, focus, astigmatism correction
  • High and Low Vacuum modes
  • Large specimen chamber with multiple ports
  • Mechanically eucentric, large, 5-axis automated specimen stage mounted in the chamber
  • Navigation is easy with embedded color camera (Stage Navigation System)
  • Zeromag simplifies navigation providing a seamless transition from the optical image to live SEM image. All data is linked for instant map of analysis positions.
  • Live Analysis with integrated JEOL EDS
  • Automated montage includes EDS maps (with JEOL EDS)
  • SmileView Lab for data management and report generation
  • Step-by-Step auto function guided operation for the new or occasional user
  • Small footprint and easy maintenance (no cooling water required)