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This ultrahigh resolution SEM, with its high-brightness electron gun system, features high sensitivity and high spatial resolution analysis at even faster speeds. The JSM-IT500HR achieves a resolution of 1.5nm at 30kV, and 4nm at 1kV.The large analytical chamber allows you to create a nano-lab with your SEM, with multiple ports to accommodate a wide variety of detectors. The large specimen chamber with stage mounted inside allows easy sample loading and manipulation. By mounting the stage inside the chamber, we enable users to secure large, heavy and odd shaped objects on the stage with clear positioning prior to evacuating the chamber. The JSM-IT500HR accommodates a wide variety of sample types. Low vacuum capability is built in allowing for imaging and analysis of all types of samples in their native state. Our analytical series includes JEOL’s fully-embedded EDS system which provides real-time EDS spectra during image observation. With automated montaging, the SEM automatically collects montage images and EDS data.

  • High resolution SEM with high brightness, long life emitter (1.5nm at 30kV, 4nm at 1kV)
  • Magnification up to 600,000X (print), >1,670,000X (display)
  • Fully integrated and automated low vacuum system
  • Large analytical chamber and stage can cover samples 178mm (d) x 80mm (h)
  • Navigation is easy with embedded color camera
  • Small foot print and easy maintenance (no cooling water or compressed gas required)