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Multibeam System

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JEOL FIB-SEMs offer exceptional resolution, accuracy and throughput. The JEOL JIB-4700F Multi Beam System has been designed for use in morphological observations, elemental and crystallographic analyses of a variety of specimens.

FIB Capabilities:

  • Enhanced control system - vector scan system allows for smooth processing of an arbitrary shape, simple 3D observation & analysis, large ion beam current up to 90 nA, high-speed processing.
  • Linkage with pick-up system - the stage linkage function shares the coordinates linked between instruments.
  • Retraction of a section with an optional pick-up system is smoothly enabled.

SEM Capabilities:

  • High resolution at low accelerating voltage and large probe current
  • UED & USD detectors enable acquisition of wide variety of images with information on properties, chemical compositions and crystal structures
  • Fast analysis
  • Large depth of focus (LDF) at low magnification