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Focused Ion Beam Milling & Imaging System

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The JIB-4000PLUS is a focused ion beam milling & imaging system (single-beam FIB system) featuring a high-performance ion optical column. The accelerated Ga (gallium) ion beam is focused onto a specimen to enable SIM image observation of the specimen surface, milling, and deposition of materials like carbon or tungsten. The system also enables preparation of a thin-film specimen for TEM imaging and a cross-section specimen for observing the interior of the specimen. In addition, the JIB-4000PLUS can be equipped with a 3D observation function and an automatic TEM specimen preparation function; thus the system meets a variety of needs for specimen preparations.

  • High-Power FIB column with a maximum ion beam current of 60 nA
  • Stable, automated TEM specimen preparation using STEMPLING* (option)
  • 3D observation using serially sliced cross-section imaging function
  • Multiple attachments available