JEM-1400Flash by JEOL USA

Manufacturer JEOL USA
120kV Transmission Electron Microscope

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The JEOL JEM-1400 series 120kV Transmission Electron Microscope is well known for its ease of use and high resolution imaging and analysis. Applications include pathology, biology, quality control, nanotechnology, polymer, and materials development. To smoothly transition from low to high magnification and acquire higher-throughput image data, the JEM-1400Flash has an integrated high-sensitivity sCMOS camera, an ultra-wide area montage system, and an OM (optical microscope) image linkage function.

  • High-sensitivity sCMOS "Matataki Flash" camera
  • Picture Overlay (OM image linkage function)
  • Fully compatible with SerialEM for tomography and SPA workflows
  • Compact footprint and simplified GUI with multitouch screen for optimal ease of use
  • Optimized for high contrast imaging for biological, low Z, and materials science applications
  • +/- 70º tilt with support for dual axis tomography