JANUS® G3 chemagic Workstations by Revvity

Manufacturer Revvity  |  Available Worldwide
Automated high-throughput nucleic acid extraction workstations providing high yield and purity

JANUS® G3 chemagic Workstations by Revvity product image
JANUS® G3 chemagic Workstations
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The JANUS® chemagic Integrated Workstations (MSM1 and 360i models) combine best-in-class magnetic bead nucleic acid isolation technology with a fully-flexible automated liquid handler.

Standardized protocols can handle sample volume ranges of 10µl up to 4mL resulting in reproducible, high throughput extraction from a variety of blood, serum and saliva sample types.

Designed to reduce tedious, error-prone manual intervention, the integrated workstations are well suited for human and veterinary genomic analysis where samples must be of the highest yield and purity without cross-contamination concerns.

The combination of flexibility, innovative technologies, and standardized methods provides the ideal solution for the unique requirements needed for downstream processing, including PCR/qPCR, Sanger or next gen sequencing, microarrays and genotyping.



  • Higher throughput and yield than alternative automated extraction platforms
  • Reduced total processing time compared to other platforms available
  • Standardized pre-programmed protocols with intuitive graphical user interface
  • Independent liquid handling and extraction scheduling:
  • Primary sample transfer, quantitation and normalization (optional), and PCR setup applications.
  • up to 96 samples per run with 96-rod head
  • up to 24 samples per run with 24-rod head
  • Applications:  Nucleic acid extraction from blood, serum and saliva

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JANUS® G3 chemagic Workstations by Revvity product image

JANUS® G3 chemagic Workstations

Manufacturer Revvity  |  Available Worldwide

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