InGaAs linear image sensorG12230-512WB by Hamamatsu Photonics

Manufacturer Hamamatsu Photonics
Near infrared image sensor (0.95 to 2.15 μm)

InGaAs linear image sensorG12230-512WB by Hamamatsu Photonics product image
InGaAs linear image sensorG12230-512WB
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The G12230-512WB is an InGaAs linear image sensor designed for near infrared multichannel spectrophotometry.

Two InGaAs chips with different cutoff wavelengths are arranged very accurately in series. The G12230-512WB provides high S/N over a wide spectral response range. The CMOS chip consists of charge amplifiers, a shift register, and a timing generator. Charge amplifiers are configured with CMOS transistor array and are connected to each pixel of the InGaAs photodiode array. Since the signal from each pixel is read in charge integration mode, high sensitivity and stable operation are attained in a wide spectral response range.

The package is hermetically sealed providing excellent reliability. The signal processing circuit on the CMOS chip enables the selection of an optimum conversion efficiency (CE) for your application from the available two types using external voltage.



  • Employs two InGaAs chips
  • Selectable from two conversion efficiency types
  • Built-in saturation countermeasure circuit
  • Built-in CDS circuit
  • Built-in thermistor
  • Easy operation (built-in timing generator)
  • High resolution: 25 μm pitch