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Svar develops and manufactures ready-to-use cell-based assays using iLite ® technology – a cleverly designed, sensitive and specific reporter-gene system with luciferase readout.  We can develop assays for virtually any pharmaceutical target that allow an easy, rapid and accurate test format for a wide range of applications, including measurement and quantification of drug activity, immunogenicity and ADC, ADCP & CDC activity.  

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iLite® Custom Development & Cell-based Services
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iLite® technology is a powerful cell-based technique used to measure and quantify molecules in biological samples. It has applications throughout the drug development process as well as for monitoring biological drugs. 

Svar Life Science offers iLite cells for a long list of targets. However, should your target not be included on the list, we can create a custom iLite cell line tailored for your needs. In addition, we offer a wide range of custom services to support drug development programs from discovery to lot release. 

The benefits of iLite technology 

Each iLite cell has receptors on its cell surface which are specific for the molecule for which the cell line was designed. Upon binding of the molecule to its receptor, a luciferase reporter gene is activated. Following cell lysis and the addition of a substrate, the luciferase protein can be measured using a luminometer. As a unique feature, iLite cells contain a second reporter gene which is used for normalization purposes. It can be used to compensate for serum matrix effects or for differences in cell number for example. iLite cells are shipped in an assay-ready format, which offers great convenience and improved reproducibility while at the same time saves time and labor.