Harnessing the power of cell-based assays: New tools and techniques in 2021

From tackling COVID-19 variants to therapeutic discovery, novel organoids and more, advance your assay research with these exclusive interviews and free resources

2 Aug 2021
Tom Casburn
Associate Editor
Cell-based assays: What’s new in 2021?

Cell-based assays form the core of life sciences research, helping to drive understanding of various cellular phenomena in health and disease. In this new special feature, read exclusive interviews with leading scientists and download free resources to accelerate your cell-based methods. Find out how to streamline your drug screening with high-throughput cell and compound dispensing, learn how to achieve walkaway cell viability analysis while maintaining cell health for longer, explore the development of novel treatments to tackle liver disease, and much more.

Dr. Veronica Gil

PERSONALIZED MEDICINE: Emerging organoid models to better treat prostate cancer

Dr. Veronica Gil discusses her research developing organ-specific tissues to advance prostate cancer therapy and outlines how pipettors from Corning Life Sciences have improved the efficiency of this work.

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Maintain cell health for longer

CELL HEALTH: Keep your cells happy with precise atmospheric control

Detect time- and dose-dependent effects on cell proliferation and cytotoxicity using BMG LABTECH’s CLARIOstar with atmospheric control unit, designed to maintain cell health for longer.

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Cell and compound dispensing solutions

DRUG SCREENING: Streamlined cell and compound dispensing

Learn how to successfully dispense viable cell suspensions at high throughput and prepare compound dose response matrices with ease, using the latest solutions from Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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Pure labwater guide

WATER QUALITY: Increase assay sensitivity and avoid contamination

Learn how to choose the right pure water for your assay, minimize the effect of contaminants, and prevent errors while saving money, with this comprehensive guide from ELGA LabWater.

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Walkaway cell viability analysis

LOAD & GO: Get cell viability data in just 90 seconds

Discover how the Vi-CELL BLU from Beckman Coulter enables rapid, flexible, and walkaway cell viability analysis with fully automated sample preparation, operation and post-run cleaning.

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Dr. Erik Tillman

LIVER DISEASE: Researchers identify new therapy to tackle NASH

Dr. Erik Tillman shares his company’s quest to find an effective new treatment for non-alcoholic steatohepatitis and explains how Svar Life Science's assay-ready cell service has accelerated his work.

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Cost-efficient therapeutic characterization

3D ASSAYS: Achieve rapid and cost-efficient therapeutic characterization

Discover how microplate assays from Thermo Fisher Scientific can provide time- and cost-efficient therapeutic characterization in 3D cellular models and enable side-by-side comparisons with 2D models.

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Catch up on exclusive interviews

Keeping up with COVID-19: Designing novel monitoring assays to tackle the rise of variants
Dr. Tania Nolan outlines how her team is designing assays to identify new variants and why these are critical to managing the global pandemic response

How to accelerate drug discovery with optimized high-throughput screening
Dr. Chelcie Eller shares how to achieve reliable and reproducible high-throughput drug and biomarker screening

Ensure data quality for single-cell genomics applications: Optimizing sample prep
Scientists at KOTAI Biotechnologies reveal how they ensure nuclei and cell quality for reliable single-cell sequencing results

Why serology tests are shaping the future of vaccine development
Learn more about the efficient and reproducible multiplex immunoassays set to change the way COVID-19 researchers profile antibody response

Discover leading scientists on video

Find out how cell-based methods are fuelling research breakthroughs across life sciences, from COVID-19 detection to cardiovascular disease and cancer invasion to cell paintingthrough video interviews on The Scientists' Channel >>

More resources for cell-based research

  • User guide to simplified & optimized multiplexing cell analysis
    Explore how real-time live-cell imaging and image-based cytometry can bring higher levels of automation, reproducibility, and flexibility to your cell-based research, in this comprehensive user guide >>
  • The essential guide to ELISA automation
    Download this application eBook to learn how to harness the power of automated ELISA across a range of fields, from COVID-19 research to food testing, clinical diagnostics, veterinary research and more
  • Assay workflow optimization: Seven elements for enhanced performance
    Optimize your assay processes and address a range of critical liquid handling issues in your workflow, with this new must-read eBook >>
  • How to Buy Cell Counting Technology
    Compare the top cell counting technologies available on the market and find the best fit for your applications, whether it’s manual, automatic, non-imaging, or imaging, with this how-to-buy guide >>

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