iCAP RQ ICP-MS by Thermo Fisher Scientific

Manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific  |   Model: IQLAAGGAAQFAQKMBIT  |  Available Worldwide
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Thermo Scientific™ iCAP™ RQ ICP-MS
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Expand your analytical capabilities with this complete trace elemental analysis solution for your high-throughput lab. User-inspired hardware and software combine in the Thermo Scientific™ iCAP™ RQ ICP-MS to deliver maximized productivity and robustness. Simplicity and ease-of-use work in concert to streamline work-flows and achieve 'right-first-time' results; essential to all busy labs. This innovative single quadrupole (SQ) ICP-MS is the ideal trace elemental analyzer for a wide range of sample types and industries; from 24/7 routine analysis to advanced applications in research.

Comprehensive interference removal assures data accuracy, while our innovative helium Kinetic Energy Discrimination (He KED) technology enables measurement of all analytes in a single mode.

Our highly effective QCell collision/reaction cell, combined with unique flatapole design reduces BECs even further than He KED alone, through the clever, dynamic application of low mass cut off (LMCO).

Intuitive Thermo Scientific™ Qtegra™ Intelligent Scientific Data Solution™ (ISDS) software delivers all the support features essential to any lab, while containing all the flexibility needed to achieve the most challenging applications.

Simplicity guarantees user-friendly operation

  • Quick connect sample introduction system
  • Easy access cones via bench-height drop-down door
  • Open geometry architecture for easy peripheral connection
  • Intuitive platform software for seamless workflows

Productivity delivers more analysis in less time

  • Less training for software and hardware
  • Compatibility with automation and sample handling systems
  • Comprehensive interference removal in single measurement mode
  • Reduced drift and operator intervention

Robustness ensures high up-time and low maintenance

  • Improved matrix tolerance interface
  • All new state-of-the-art electronics
  • New sturdy design RF generator
  • Reliable hot and cold plasma operation


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iCAP RQ ICP-MS by Thermo Fisher Scientific product image


Manufacturer Thermo Fisher Scientific  |  Available Worldwide

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