Hevylite IgA Kappa kit by Binding Site

Manufacturer Binding Site  |   Model: NK023.OPT.A  |  Available Worldwide
Hevylite enables individual identification and quantification of different light chain isotypes of each immunoglobulin class i.e. IgGκ, IgGλ, IgAκ, IgAλ, IgMκ and IgMλ.

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Hevylite IgA Kappa kit

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Hevylite uniquely measures both the involved (clonal) and the uninvolved (non-clonal) immunoglobulin, giving useful information about immunosuppression of the uninvolved isotype (e.g. IgAκ in an IgAλ patient).

Use Hevylite:

  1. 1. At diagnosis to provide a baseline value that is useful in monitoring
  2. 2. When monitoring Intact Immunoglobulin Multiple Myeloma patients with monoclonal proteins that are difficult to quantify by electrophoresis
  3. 3. To identify residual disease and provide earlier identification of relapse
  4. 4. Alongside Freelite for optimal monitoring