Hevylite® Heavy/Light Chain Assays by Binding Site

Manufacturer Binding Site
Hevylite allows improved monitoring of Myeloma patients.

Hevylite® Heavy/Light Chain Assays by Binding Site product image
The Hevylite assay works by targeting epitopes

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It provides quantitative measure of intact immunoglobulins in patients thereby overcoming interpretation, sensitivity, co-migration and non-linearity issues with SPE and IFE.

Hevylite is a unique laboratory test which overcomes some of the problems found using electrophoresis methods.

Hevylite can help to:

  • Accurately quantify monoclonal proteins when SPE and IFE bands are difficult to interpret.
  • Accurately quantify monoclonal proteins at low levels (<10 g/L).

It’s easy to use because:

  • Hevylite is automated and gives a quantitative result.
  • It removes the subjectivity of interpretation in electrophoresis methods like SPE and IFE.

It’s more accurate and sensitive than electrophoresis as Hevylite doesn’t suffer from issues like co-migration, fuzzy/diffuse bands, and dye saturation.

Like SPE, Hevylite measures the involved intact immunoglobulin e.g. IgAκ in a patient with IgAk Myeloma. It’s different because it measures the uninvolved immunoglobulin too e.g. IgAλ.