HCPQuant CHO host cell protein ELISA Kit by Cytiva

Manufacturer Cytiva  |  Available Worldwide
HCPQuant CHO kit contains ELISA antibodies designed to have exceptionally high coverage of host cell protein impurities from CHO cell lysate. 

HCPQuant CHO host cell protein ELISA Kit by Cytiva product image
HCPQuant CHO host cell protein ELISA Kit
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The Amersham HCPQuant CHO cell lysate kit is designed to quantify Chinese hamster ovary (CHO) host cell protein (HCP) contamination in process-derived samples. This HCP assay has been developed by Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc. in collaboration with Cytiva, and extensively validated. The combination of high coverage (89%) with a broad linear range (2–200 ng/mL) increases the confidence of HCP quantification in both the low and high molecular weight ranges, which is critical to managing the risk of the immunogenicity effect arising from HCP in process-derived samples. These antibodies react strongly with CHO-K1 cell lysates, showing extremely high sensitivity for cells harvested at 60–85% viability. They were generated against CHO-K1 cell lysates that were derived from cells grown in chemically-defined media.

  • Recombinant protein coverage and high sensitivity promote better understanding of HCP contamination and exceed the requirements of current regulatory guidelines. High coverage across the range of LMW and HMW 89% to detect more HCP.
  • Robust data with low inter-plate and intra-plate variation for reliable, reproduceable results supports regulatory data submission to demonstrate risk management throughout the development process. High senstivity: LLD= 2 ng/mL and LLQ or 4ng/mL to detect low amounts of HCP.
  • Broad linearity with R2=0,99 for assay range 2–200 ng/mL, requiring less optimization.
  • Broad dynamic range for easy linear assay set-up saves time and uses fewer plates.
  • Compatible with a wide range of buffers, with minimum matrix effect, to fit your existing workflows.
  • Standard and rapid protocols are included to offer maximum flexibility.

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HCPQuant CHO host cell protein ELISA Kit by Cytiva product image

HCPQuant CHO host cell protein ELISA Kit

Manufacturer Cytiva  |  Available Worldwide

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