Freelite® Serum Free Light Chain Assays by Binding Site

Manufacturer Binding Site
The ONLY serum free light chain assay recommended by International Myeloma Working Group guidelines

Freelite® Serum Free Light Chain Assays by Binding Site product image
Heavy and light chain structure, together with ? and ? FLC

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Freelite™ is a major breakthrough for the detection and monitoring of Multiple Myeloma (MM) and other B-cell dyscrasia.

Freelite™ assays were developed by Binding Site to measure free lambda and free kappa immunoglobulin light chains. Our expertise in the manufacture of antibodies has enabled us to provide a quantifiable, highly specific, automatable free light chain assay for serum. Significant clinical evidence indicates the benefit of Freelite™ serum free light chain assays in initial screening for monoclonal gammopathies.

Other benefits include the identification of AL amyloidosis and Nonsecretory MM patients missed by conventional electrophoretic methods, use as a prognostic indicator for progression in myeloma, for risk stratification of MGUS patients, and rapid evaluation of treatment efficacy.

Freelite™ is a sensitive, specific marker of kappa and lambda free light chains (FLC) in serum and provides quantitative measurement of: Free kappa in serum Free lambda in serum The serum free kappa/free lambda ratio (κ/λ) The serum free light chain ratio is a strong indicator of monoclonality and is valuable for distinguishing monoclonal from polyclonal diseases.