Freelite Lambda Latex kit by Binding Site

Manufacturer Binding Site  |   Model: LK018.OPT.A  |  Available Worldwide
Freelite rapidly quantifies free Lambda light chains (FLCs) to aid in the diagnosis and monitoring of specific monoclonal gammopathies.

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Freelite Lambda Latex kit

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Freelite - Recommended for use at Diagnosis Issues with Traditional Assays

  • There is a lack of sensitivity of SPE and IFE in FLC detection
  • The historic recommendation has been to test a 24 hour urine sample for FLC (Bence Jones Protein) by urine protein electrophoresis (UPE). However, there are difficulties with collection (patient compliance), transport, storage, processing, and assay sensitivity In the initial laboratory investigation a strategy of performing SPE and serum k and l Freelite analysis will allow identification of all significant monoclonal proteins. In all studies, the addition of Freelite assays to SPE for first line investigation increased the detection of Multiple Myeloma and other plasma cell disorders.